Why choose us

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  • Jean at
  • September 20, 2018

Why choose us:


I will be a little shy when I write this topic, because the time of boasting is here.

Hey, our company is very powerful, has a long history with all kinds of umbrella, the quality of our products is very good, no customer complaints, every umbrella sales girl is particularly beautiful...


Haha, that’s the end of the joke, and then here below are the real “boast”:


1, the product range is rich, support customization


We are a factory specializing in umbrellas, mainly for golf umbrellas, travel fold umbrellas, straight umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, outdoor umbrellas and etc., support customization (printing, packaging, material selection), if you need customization, we have a way to help You make; if you do not know how to customize your own umbrella, we can help you, and send our new style(newsletter)from time to time.


2, carefully selected to meet your need--fit


There are thousands of people, so are the types of raw materials. After we studied the clients’ needs, we help to choose the most suitable material. From sales(direct talk to client) to boss(direct to sales) to material purchaser(direct to boss and sales), each person is responsible for the umbrella material confirmation. The raw materials purchased are strictly controlled, because we firmly reject the defective products! Immediately after each step of production, there are special follow-up personnel to supervise and strictly inspect each step of our production work.


3, good service-fast, patient, efficient to solve problems


Our company requires a smile every morning, you may not see it from the computer, but our salesmen always reply your emails and messages with a smile every time!

We are also determined to respond to customers within 12 hours, to answer questions, patiently guide customers, and patiently help customers to pass information to the factory operators. In short, sales means solving problems!



4, business experience-over 25 years


Over 25 years of production experience in this filed, we are quite familiar with the materials and construction, practices and processes of each umbrella. Therefore, whether you are a professional umbrella seller or the first time you try to sell umbrellas, you don't have to worry too much. We will serve you online and answer your questions.


5, after-sale service


We not only pay close attention to each step of production, but also feedback the production progress to our customer in a timely manner. At the same time, after the customers receive the goods and start selling, we are more meticulous and caring, because we are the strong backing of every customer, we know your success is our success.