Reflective Stripe Upside Down Umbrella

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    Specification of upside down umbrella
    1, Unique upside down umbrella, fold the top “wet” layer into the under “dry” layer when close umbrella. This design pevent water from dripping, keeing floor, cars dry. Easy to store wherever.
    2, Smooth confort C shaped handle, which can cross over your arms, free your hands to do other things, like carrying a bag, texting phone, holding your baby…..
    3, Custom dog paw breathing holes inside layer, which make breathing holes unique, pretty, and easier to open umbrella
    4, reflect strips around umbrella, high-tech reflective strips can be notified by other people or car in darkness or night. Leave dangerous away.
    5. Upside down umbrella is a perfect gift for your car, also is an idea creative gift for your family, friends, ect