How we make umbrella

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  • October 18, 2018


How do we make umbrellas?


Xiamen IdealRain umbrella factory


A simple picture helps you clearly understand how we make an umbrella:

Umbrella production flow

Step 1, raw materials

After comparison and selection, our purchasing manager will conduct preliminary inspections after purchasing the raw materials from the supplier.

umbrella fabric material

Step 2, the first cut

The first cut is to cut a roll of fabric into a long strip fabric on the cutting table. Some manufacturers will directly let the workers cut it in blade.

First cut

Step 3, overlocking

In order to prevent the fabric edge from sloughing, when the first cut is finished, the fabrics will be taken to overlock.

umbrella process overlocking

Step 4, careful inspection for fabric

Put the fabrics on the inspection machine. Through the light, the quality inspection staff will clearly find the substandard fabric, making a mark, or picking it out.

umbrella process inspecting

Step 5, cutting into triangle panels

Cutting the long strip fabrics into a piece of triangle as the umbrella’s panels. First the worker will make a triangular wooden model, then place the wooden model on the fabric, and carefully cut it out with a blade. This procedure is completely cut by hand and won’t use any machinery.


umbrella process fabric cutting

Step 6, printing logo

Before printing, customers will send the logo artwork to sales, then sales will immediately arrange to open the logo model. After workers finish to cut the fabric into triangle pales, they will send them to the printing house.

umbrella process logo printing

Step 7, slice closing

After printing, the single triangle panel will be sewed into a umbrella surface. Different types of umbrellas, the number of triangular panels could be from 6 to 24 pieces. This step is also hand making and extremely important. The needle of the sewing machine should be fine and sewing times for each inch should be enough. Otherwise, there will be water seepage when it rains.

umbrella process slice closing

Step 8, making the top and strap

After finish the umbrella surface, the umbrella will be treated in detail, workers will go ahead to connect the top and make the strap. In this way, the umbrella surface is totally formed.

Top sewing

Step 9, bead tail sewing

This step is to sew the tips on every panels’ concern.

umbrella process bead tail sewing

Step 10, stitching

This procedure is to join the umbrella fabric to the frame and rib. Workers must connect the umbrella fabric to the rib by hand. No machine can be used. On each rib, the worker usually uses two or three knots to make it tight.

umbrella process stitching

Step 11, quality inspection

At this point, the umbrellas have been basically completed, and they will be sent to the inspection area for 100% quality inspection.

umbrella process inspecting

Step 12, packaging

The last step is to pack the umbrella according to clients’ requirements.

umbrella process packing