IdealRain quality checking system

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  • December 03, 2018

IdealRain umbrella quality checking system


A few days ago I read a short video for joking, a little girl was hired by her grandmother to tear off the label "made in China" to increase the value of the product.


Is Chinese manufacturing already notoriously far away?


From my standpoint, on the one hand, some Chinese suppliers will cut corners to save costs, while on the other hand, some buyers will ask suppliers to lower the quotation, which leads to quality problems.

However, they do not represent all.

As one of the Chinese manufacturers, we are sad and feel a strong sense of mission to let the world's consumers re-recognize Chinese manufacturing.


Our quality control system is divided into three parts:

  1. Pre-production raw material approval and inspection


    2. During-production inspection


   3. Finished products inspection


Quality checking team:

When the umbrellas are completed and before packaging, they will be sent to the product inspection area for 100% quality inspection.  (initial quality checking)


At the same time we have a senior QC to supervise and inspect in the workshop every day. (randomly inspection)


In order to guarantee the quality of the products, the company requires every salesman to go to the workshop for review within a certain time of every week and report the results to the clients. (supervision and guidance)


We work hard and never give up, just to make you satisfied and let you feel relieved. :)


Every customer who wants to trust us is worthy of cherishing. :)


Thanks all, our dear friends.

(signed by IdealRain team)