IdealRain Team-Building-autumn outing farmhouse enjoyment

2020-11-14 13:47:24
2020-11-14 13:47:24

Team building, the process of encouraging members of a team to work well together by having them take part in activities or games. It can help the team members get on the same page, work together, and increase their motivation to complete tasks in a timely manner. In other words, productivity can rise. And, exercises in team building support a strong company culture.

IdealRain Company pays high attention to Cooperation and Team Building, so we have Team-Building activities every year. It helps us to strengthen communication between team members through collective activities outside of work.

This year, we had an autumn outing together for a very fun and interesting farmhouse enjoyment, that's to say the picnic on Sunday(1/11/2020), a sunny weekend.

Our activities started at 9:30 am, we were divided into 2 teams as competitors and there was a Instructor guide us how to do activities.

In the morning, we had below activities: 

1.Team members move their hands to the next one but have to keep all plastic rods without falling. Unfortunately, both teams failed in this round.

2. Flip playing cards in order:Assigned one team member each time, revealed 13 cards in order. Which team completed the game within 90 seconds was the winner. In this round Red Team won the game.

After lunch and leisure time, we continued interesting activities.

1.Hold the balloon with the chest and back between the members, walk from one end to the other end, while keeping the balloon from falling ,which team is the fastest was the winner. The team members need to play a show if they are lost. They were dancing a Ballet ”Little Swan”.

2.Play”Rock-Paper-Scissors”to decide your status ”Egg-Chick- Phoenix”:

Everybody supposed to be an "egg" in the beginning, then found a guys and played "Rock! Paper! Scissors", who won can go to second step-"chick"., third step-" Phoenix ". otherwise need to go back to previous step, the premise was you can only play "Rock! Paper! Scissors" with the person in same level. After winning 3 times you can become a human. There were 3 persons in lost have to play one more interesting show. The lucky dogs are "Jenny, Penny and Jack!"

Activities ended at 4:30pm, we took team photo and went back home.

What a fanbtasic day! View is nice, food is delicious, and everyone had some fun amongst all the hard work afterwards, like a family trip together.

The Team Building definitely gathered our hearts and made us realized the importance of teamwork. As Chinese believe in " Many hands make light work" and this coincides with the team building. IdealRain will continue to carry out Team Building activities to enhance the cohesion of the company.


---Nov.12th, 2020  Xiamen IdealRain Umbrella Co., Ltd.

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