IdealRain Team-Building-autumn outing-delicious food

2020-11-17 16:02:19
2020-11-17 16:02:19

In our last news we focus on introducing some interesting activities during our Team-Building activity-a very fun and interesting farmhouse enjoyment. Today in this article we will continue sharing how we enjoyed our Lunch Time.

At 11:00am we started preparing Lunch and enjoying Leisure Time

Made Dumplings- Obviously it is women’s specialty!

Roasted sweet potatoes and Roasted Chicken- Men’s hobbies

Traditional Cooking-believe many people are quite curious and interested in such cooking way!

BBQ-Barbecue-delicious foods.

Table Games- It is a game call “Who is the undercover”, quite interesting.

Fun Games- You gesture, I guess. One person made gestures based on the words that appear on the mobile, and the other person guessed the word according to his/her gestures. Quite funny!

Work hard and live happily, IdealRain will keep providing employees with a good working environment and activities which are good for teamwork.

And any of our customer who interested or love Asian Chinese food is much welcomed to visit us, we must make and share dumplings together!

---Nov.5th, 2020  Xiamen IdealRain Umbrella Co., Ltd.

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