IdealRain Live Show Story in Past 3 Months

2020-09-26 14:52:49
2020-09-26 14:52:49

The Background of Live broadcast:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made the global economic communication stoppd, it seems to have pressed the pause button on the economic exchanges. 

Because of the epidemic, almost all exhibitions have been cancelled. The well-known Canton Fair have been changed to online live broadcasts, So do we, idealrain can not go to join the fair, so we also joined Alibaba live broadcasts in July this year.

Because we are aware of many benefits of live broadcasting like belows:

1. Increase and build customer trust

Breaking the barriers of time and space, it allows customers to understand the details of our umbrellas more vividly and directly,  which is also a more convincing way to attract customers' attention. Besides. customers can better understand the products and our factory, and we can better introduce products, which is a win-win choice.

2. Expand new channels and find new customers; 

it can effectively attract a large number of potential customers

3. Increase comminucation efficiency, interactivity and get closer; 

we can interact with the audience in real time; answer questions in real time and listen to customer ideas

4. Low cost

From July to September this year, we have broadcast live every month, untile now, we already broadcast 12 times. The schedule is as follows:

July 2020 China time

Idealrain 7/12/2020 19:00-22:00 Sunday  Idealrain 7/14/2020 07:00-11:00 Tuesday

Obrain 7/13/2020 03:00-07:00 Monday   Obrain 7/13/2020 15:00-19:00 Monday 

August 2020 China time

Idealrain 8/12/2020 15:00-19:00 Wendesday  Idealrain 8/22/2020 03:00-07:00 Saturday

Obrain 8/15/2020 03:00-07:00 Saturday      Obrain 8/18/2020 15:00-19:00 Tuesday 

September 2020 China time

Idealrain 9/10/2020 19:00-21:00 Thursday  Idealrain 9/17/2020 19:00-21:00 Thursday

Obrain 9/08/2020 15:00-17:00 Tuesday    Obrain 9/15/2020 15:00-17:00 Tuesday  

After three months of live broadcasting, from the beginning when we knew nothing to present,

and now with rich experience, Idealrain team have made great efforts in team work cooperation,

and received good comments from the guests. our team have also been greatly encouraged.

Below screenshots of the opening for several live shows, the casual clothes in the early stage, then the uniform. 

Host: Alice, May, Penny, Jenny, Rose:

A photo of the four hosts after the broadcast:May, Alice,Penny, Jenny

The poster before the show:

The effect of live broadcast, customer interactive Q&A online, to understand the product:

During the live broadcast, show customers the size of golf umbrellas that can accommodate 4-5 people:

Of course, we also took you to visit our factory workshop:

Real-time interaction with guests makes us ranked first! Good comments from customers:

There are contributions and gains.

Espcially many thanks to our operational staff  Kitty Zhuang,  she is the one works behind the scenes, to guide and support our whole live show:

Idealrain team will continue to work hard and get ready for the next show. 

If you have any inquiry, purchase request for umbrellas, or have any questions about umbrellas, confusion, etc., 

please follow us and come to our live broadcast next time, 

we can answer questions online, or show you our factory workshops. 

Hope to see you on the live broadcast in October!

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