One client came to visit Jean

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  • October 15, 2018

Yesterday one of my clients come to our factory for visiting, here is the interesting story I told to him,




Jean: Hey, see this gift, it has been a long history in Fujian.

Mr. Koh: Wow, what is it?

Jean: This is a dessert named Jihonggao.

1700 years ago it was during three kingdoms period in China,

Liu Bei, the king of Shu country borrowed Jingzhou city from Sun Quan (the king of Wu country) but never


Therefore, there was a counselor in Wu country said to Sun Quan that pretended to marry Sun Quan’s sister

to Liu Bei and deceived Liu Bei to Wu country as a hostage.

Since Liu Bei’s wife had just lost her life, he agreed.

However, Liu Bei’s adviser was worried about fraud, so he offered Liu Bei three tips.

Then Liu Bei went to Wu country with many delicious food including Jihonggao as betrothal presents and

shared the food with people once he arrived in Wu country and told them he was going to marry Sun Quan’s


So Sun Quan had to let his sister marry Liu Bei since all of people in Wu country knew this good news.

Hee hee… I like stories so much. Do you also want to visit our company and listen stories? 

The dialogue is continuing:

Mr. Koh: Nice story, but why you send me this? You want to ma…

Jean: No no no, I just…I want… I..I…I send you this because sweet food can make you happy.  =3=