About Us

About us


Xiamen IdealRain umbrella Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of umbrellas. Its main products are golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, straight umbrellas and reverse umbrellas. The company is run by a couple of Kevin and Alice. Mr. Kevin and Ms. Alice have been studied and made the umbrella since 2003. After more than a decade of experience, they decided to start their own umbrella export company in 2014. They work together, Kevin is responsible for selecting the materials carefully and strictly, and supervising every step of production making, while Ms. Alice is responsible for developing business, they use their efforts and persistence to win the support and trust from many customers. 

Idealrain umbrella factory   


It attracted a college graduate (May) to apply for a job as soon as the company was established,. Alice and Kevin cherished May very much. They also paid great attention to every later employees who came to apply for a job. They always taught them the expertise of the umbrella, from how to choose the materials, how to buy, how to process, how to package, how to ship, always taught them step by step patiently. “We hope that more young and energetic people who are willing to grow with the company to join us!” With this kind of humility and persistence, more and more college graduates join the team. The company is young, and the team is also young, but they are always full of energies and always smile. "Our products should be the reliance for customers under bad weather, and our team should be the "light" in the eyes of others, shining in all directions."


Idealrain umbrella office


It is because of youth that it requires us more passion and vitality to face work, to learn at work, to improve and practice in work. Our activities are like these:


1. The company set up a reading corner. In order to encourage employees to broaden their horizons, the company will buy the books they are interested for reading and discussing.


2. Every morning half an hour meeting: Let us solve the problems that hadn’t been solved  yesterday together. Let's share the good ideas that can improve efficiency.


3. We not only learn from each other internally, but also go out and communicate with more people from different industries: our team actively participates in the “Hero Group”, learning and exchanging ideas with other export factories. We invite other companies for exercise and outdoor activities to promote employee relationships. We participated in the Newcomer Speech Contest and proved that our company can do it with action!


4. The company encourages employees to be brave enough to challenge and actively participate in training and competition in foreign trade capabilities.


Idealrain team


We believe that as long as we persist and do not forget our initial intentions-- Let everyone have an umbrella made by Idealrain, we will always gain something in our actions. Even those who limp go not backward.