Durable golf umbrella

To say what kind of umbrella style will be used relatively well for a long time, I think it should be relatively durable.

Why is the golf umbrella relatively durable? We look at an umbrella that is not durable. It is mainly to look at the umbrella stand of the umbrella. For example, if the umbrella stand is made of iron, it will be more common. If the umbrella stand is made of fiber, it is more expensive and more durable because of the fiber. The material has the characteristics of toughness, not easy to be broken and not easy to rust. Generally, the umbrella frame with the most fiber material of the umbrella belongs to the golf umbrella, including the middle-class golf umbrella and the double-layer golf umbrella. Fibrous bones, that is why we say that golf umbrellas are relatively durable and mainly the materials they use.

And the work of the golf umbrella is also in the same area as other ordinary umbrellas. The work of the golf umbrella is relatively fine. It is manifested in the craft of its umbrella and the same umbrella. The umbrella of the ordinary umbrella car is the car. 6 stitches or so, and golf umbrellas need 8 cars or so, which ensures that the density of the umbrella surface enhances the function of the umbrella not easily leaking water. In addition, if the umbrella is umbrellad, the ordinary umbrella is usually tied with two needles and two wires. The high-grade golf umbrella should be tied with four needles and three threads, so that the sewing line of the golf umbrella is not easy to break.


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